5 Interesting Concept and Unique Park in Singapore!

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Singapore is not only a storehouse of places to shop and where to find good food and also a cooling eye. Is there a unique park in Singapore?

Let us see what happened in the park Singapore…

1. Gardens by The Bay.

Gardens by the Bay is the park concept that combines natural and futuristic buildings.

gardens by the bay
photo: greateasternlife.com

This park is not going to make your vacation forgotten. Is there any kind of hell, here? You can find some spots engrossed as follows:

  • Conservatory space consisting of Cloud Forest dome and Flower dome. In the Cloud Forest dome, you will be treated to an artificial waterfall the largest indoor and the room temperature is so cold and foggy the weather condition and original. Here there are also flowers Mediterranean and from some areas in Flower dome.
5 interesting concept singapore park
photo: gardensbythebay.com.sg
  • Supertree grove entered the building landmark Singapore top 5 is similar to a tree with its canopy width and height reached 50 meters. The place is more beautiful with colorful light pulls in when the night comes.
super tree on singapore park
photo: gardensbythebay.com.sg
  • OCBC Skyway, a bridge that connects several Supertree Grove. We can enjoy the Marina Bay area as far as the eye can see with a height of 22 meters and a length of 123 meters.
OCBC sky ways gardens by the bay
photo: gardensbythebay.com.sg

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Singapore Botanic Gardens is the oldest park in Singapore and became a UNESCO world heritage site, you know.

interesting concept singapore parks 33
photo: yoursingapore.com

Use this as a picnics park, jogging, and saw a collection of plants. Especially exclusive orchid plant that has the name of prominent figures and celebrities who’ve been here, like the Vanda William Catherine (inspired by the name of Prince William and Kate, his wife) and Paravanda Nelson Mandela (prominent anti-apartheid South Africa). There is also classical music concerts spot that you can enjoy with that special person If you want to here, its location close to Orchard Road and is a nice place to walk in the morning before you start shopping activities.

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5 Interesting Concept and Unique Park in Singapore!

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